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The Top 5 Negotiation Tips

IF U DON'T ASK  The Answer will Always be NO!

Ocean Rocks

Easy Ways to Start Saving

Have you ever dreamed what it would be like to get away and spend a week looking at the clear blue water and knowing the only thing you had to do was ask? Join me on an adventure where I will show you how to get the most out of everyday buying with simple techniques and taking the fear out of asking! 

How would you like to save over $100,000 or more?

You will discover the inside secrets of saving on travel, mortgages, vehicles, and insurance. You will learn where to buy event tickets at the lowest price and how to get a discount on Amazon purchases. It will help you know in advance the mark-ups of things you buy for yourself or your home.

Negotiation and Money Education From A Master Negotiator!

I am here not only to help you save you money but to show you how to negotiate the best deal under any circumstance.  Besides money, your time is very important and this blog will help you save both. I will show you real-life examples so you can duplicate my success.

Welcome To If U Don't Ask
Negotiation and Money Education From A Master Negotiator!

Ron Burda

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